Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun in the sun

Anyone who knows me and Anna will know that we L.O.V.E Devon and that we try to get down there as much as possible. You may also know that we take an annual trip to Woolacombe with a group of friends that I have known since I was a young teenager. This group are more commonly known as the “gang”. It’s not a proper LA-style-in-da-hood-hip-hop gang but there used to be about fifteen of us that hung out all the time when we were kids and the name just stuck.

These days the group consists of me, Anna, Emily (Anna’s sister), Matt & Steph, Mark (aka Gibbsy) & Ruth and their two children Molly & Drew and Sam (my sister) & Ade.

We’ve been going to the same caravan park at the same time of year for about ten years now and I look forward to it just as much every year. It’s a chilled week with lots of drinking in the local pubs and a fair amount of lying around/sleeping on the beach.

One thing you must bear in mind when reading this is that although our age range (for the adults) is from 23 to 42 we still act like teenagers. For example, every year I produce a mix album especially for the week, we often get t-shirts made and Matt and Gibbsy always pre-record a ridiculous radio show for us to listen to and laugh at on the journey down.

Since we started going away together Matt and I have always taken camcorders with us and in 2004 I put together my first little holiday video. It was very amateurish but a lot of fun to watch back and a great reminder of our stupidity. Ability and technology has moved on a little since then but I still create a little film reminder of the holiday every year.

The last couple of years we have taken our childishness to another level and started creating mock music videos. This is mainly to fuel Gibbsy’s passion for wanting to be a rock star and showing off. Sadly, his passion is not backed up by any musical talent apart from being able to excellently mime the words of the cheesiest rock ballad we can come up with.

I think you get the picture so I will stop waffling on and let you watch the films! The first one is our 2011 music video with the music provided by White Lion. Watch out for the tight red spandex leggings!!! :-)

This is the film of the holiday……good times!

Here are some images from me, Anna, Matt and Emily.