Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SHAPES - Cacophony Of Silence

Well what can I say about Shapes. I've been friends with Gav, Steve and Rich for a few years now and always loved following their music.

Late last year, I called Gav and convinced him to let me film a teaser trailer to promote their upcoming album. They were flying out to Umea in Sweden to record it with producer Eskil Lovstrom.
After spending a day filming them in their lock up in Birmingham, I started work editing the teaser trailer. I wanted to produce something that highlighted the feel of the band and the style of their music.
This is what I produced SHAPES Teaser Trailer

The guys loved it and it got some great feedback from fans and produced a buzz around the upcoming album.

When the guys got back from recording in Sweden, they asked if I would film a video for 'Cacophony Of Silence', the first track to be released from the album.
Of course I jumped at the chance, and after further conversations with the guys about ideas and concepts, the stage was set.

We spent two days filming the video, the first was spent filming the band playing in an industrial warehouse. On the second day we filmed the story scenes, with good friend of the band John Presley.
It was a busy two days but the stuff we filmed looked awesome straight out of the camera so I was excited to edit it.

After a few weeks working on it, I had a finished draft ready for the guys to see. I arranged for them to come over and view it after one of their practices.
I was nervous and excited for them to view it for the first time. I just hoped they loved it as much as I did.

Well they did love it and after a few miner tweaks it was finished. It was then a waiting game until it was ready for release.
It finally got released as an exclusive first look on the ROCKSOUND website.

So this is it!!

Shapes have now released this track as a free download. To get it, all you have to do is tweet for the track by clicking here or go to www.weareshapes.bandcamp.com 
Look out for Shapes debut album 'Monotony Chic' coming very soon.
I just want to thank Gav, Steve and Rich for letting me produce this video for them.
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.